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23 November 2009

アイナ Dear Diary : way u're thinking..

there's something i have to say to you if u promise u will understand...can U???

I'M JUST ME, who is a PMR candidate waiting fOr result which will destiny what i will becOme???
I WANNABE A FORENSIC!insya'allah..
DOAKAN aKU supaya dapat result gempak!

i am who i deal with it or move on!

love me or hate me [either way u're thinking of me;)
 me perfect? NO!!
i'm selfish, impatient n a lil' insecure..i make mistakes..
i'm out of control n at times,hard 2 handle.
but if u can't handle me at ma worst,,
i'm a good gurl wif a lot of bad habits
i'm good,but not an angel..i do sin,but i'm not d devil.. 
 i'm sweet,but not beautiful..i have friends,but i'm not d peacemaker.
i'm hoping d day dat i don't need a fake smile n make up stories 2 get someone 2 like me.. 
 i noe i'm not perfect n i don't claim 2 b..but b4 u start pointing fingers 2 me , make sure ur own hands r clean!
i say wut i want,i do wut i want,i get wut i want.
if u have sumthing 2 say,,then say it 2 ma face!not behind ma back!
dun make me hate u..i'm totally sure u dun wanna noe when i hate u..
i'm not a nice gurl..damn true!but i can b damn nice if u treat me well..
 u can say anything bout me as u please..but i am wut i am..n dat's sumthing u can never b..
everyone sees who i appear 2 b..but only a few know d real me..u only see wut i choose 2 show..there's soo much behind dis smile..YOU JUST DON'T KNOW..;)

i am me.don't like?i don't care!if u can't accept me as dat,u don't deserve ma time.
xkisahlah apepun. aku cuma harap hari esOk lebih baik dari hari ini.
"seSuNgGuHnYa..cInTa, kAsih & SayANg adaLaH sAtu kuRnIaaN TeRiNdaH daLam MENcoRAk hItAm PUtIH kAnVas LuKisAN bErnAMa kEhIduPAn..

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