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29 Mei 2010

アイナ Dear Diary : MY LIFE;)

now I am SMK DAM student. 


I wont forget all my memory for all those time I HAD SPEND there for fOur YEAR

gmba diambil secara random~~~!!

start from form 1 until form 4.. i think I WILL MISS MY FRIEND..MY ROOMATE and my best friend there...
but now..
MY LIFE IS quite BUSY with HOmEWORK and NOTEs.. argh!!!
i fed up with those homework but I can help me improve me in study..
sometimes i'm too lazy to go to school..
.and that why NOW i'm stay in hostel AGAIN...........
 i don't mind to stay in hostel although my freeDOM to go anywhere is LIMITED...
 because in hostel i had a lots of roomate that KIND AND have a good kind hearted.. and..
i really2 hope that..
 i just wanna be a good friend for others too!!
huhuhu that all that i can write here for this moment.. I KNOW MY ENGLISH GRAMMAR IS berterabur... hahaha... but.. i' promise will improve my english:)

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