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17 Disember 2013

アイナ Dear Diary : You Make Me SMILE

bored, burger king, drink, fast food, hanging out
like you, smile, sms, stupid

black, blackberry, boy, case

Obviously, when I receive your text message, I keep smiling ^^. My friend realize it. But we're just friend too. ^^ It's really comfortable to have a conversation with you through text message.

 It really nice feeling,
 no force but more to attraction to keep SMILING in front of my phone because of YOU? :p

 Smiley face! That's YOU! :)
 Thanks for make me smile.


3 ulasan:

TelingaBulat berkata...

wahh tgh sakan bercinte ni ;p

Azhafizah Md Nor berkata...

hati tengah berbunga² ni :p

Jemput singgah ke blog

Noor Aina W Azmi berkata...

hehe ^^ kawan je. SMILE! :)

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