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13 Februari 2011

アイナ Dear Diary : Young Doctor Programme


Alhamdullilah and thanked to Him for giving me the golden opputunity to join the young doctors programme last February. My school, SMK Dato’ Ahmad Maher had already participated the programme for many years ago, and this is my time to join the programme. I’m really glad that teachers were chosen me and my friends to join the programme. My school was divided two group before we went to HUSM. The first group was a group that combined with MRSM Pengkalan Chepa. The second group was the group that went to HUSM a week after the first group. I was in the second group.

Before my group went to HUSM, I was asking my friends from the first group about their trip. They said that it was really interesting and memorable trip for them.
They also said that they had gain a lot of knowledge from the trip. At that time I feel that I can’t wait to join the trip. I was really hope that teacher would announced that our team would be join the trip early from the real date, but it was not happen after 5 Ibnu Sina and a few of students in  5 Biruni were choosen as the first group.

The pure science students were choosen to join the young doctors programme as these students mostly will take medic course, so the teachers want them to give them some idea of what is the doctor’s job and shows them direction in making decision for their future career in medical profession. I think medic is an interesting too. When I was joining the trip to HUSM, I was also think the same thing just like my friends in the first group. It was really fun and the trip to mortuary. After they knew there was no corpse, they were relieved.

Right and Responsibility.

We always stand up and fight for our right and yet we always forget to think about our responsibility; for every right must always come together with responsibility.

On 13th of Februari 2011, a group consist of six out of 80 students of SMK DATO’ AHMAD MAHER as the participant of Young Doctor Programme held in Hospital UniversitiSains Malaysia (HUSM) KubangKerian were placed at DewanKuliah 8 (DK 8) for the first posting in this programme. My group was group 5. We were quite nervous at first as it was our first time.

On the way to DK 8, as we were walking in a group, in one corner I saw an old man who was sick, I could see how he pain although he doesn’t tell me. Along the way, I keep wonder and thinking how he’s feel?? He had to come early in the morning and his wife accompanying him to see doctor who treat his disease. And I saw a cute baby there. He’s so cute, If only I can touch and hug him.

What ever it is, the first thing I seen as I arrived to hospital is, it is mostly crowd with people who ill, sick which is majority I seen is old man, children and woman. Actually this is not my first time to go HUSM, but this time it’s a little bit different because I was there for a Young Doctor Programme. And that time I my eyes really open and it’s like thinking ‘unconventional’ (Out of the box).

We arrived at DK 8, then we make a line to queue for registration our name, I was in front and first student who register name but I found my name doesn’t there, so I inform to Sister, then she tell me to add my name to list name then  she put my name into group 5. Then I get the ‘PAS PELAWAT’ which number series is 090. After that, I go inside DK 8 to sit with my friend.

The Sisters greeted us with smile and warm welcome. That’s makes me comfortable and happy. Programme start with a slideshow about “PENGENALAN KAMPUS KESIHATAN” from PuanMarianiSulaiman. She also give a briefing about this programme.

From the slideshow a little by little I know about the history of “KAMPUS HUSM”. It was form in 1983.  It’s main  UniversityCampus is in Penang. It’s converge in reseach. The achievements of HUSM since it’s establishment and it’s vision to fulfill the University’s Accelerated Programme for Excellence (APEX) are elaborated. It has, over the past 25 years achieved excellence despite being situated in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Over the course of the past few Malaysian Plans, HUSM has managed to be both a service and clinical research centre of excellence with the establishment of new buildings, services and units in the 9th Malaysian Plan. USM was selected as an APEX University on September 3, 2008, thus giving HUSM more responsibility for the health campus and USM as a whole to increase its impact and presence in the national and international fields of research and publication.

Moving on

I came across with one quote in a motivational book. "There is a sleeping giant in within yourself, you need to wake it up to be successful". However the giant inside me has hibernate for too long and difficult to be waken up. Until now, I'm still trying to wake it up so that i can have a maximum impact on my life.

Then En.MuhamadNa’im bin Abdul Razak, a final year medical student were welcomed us as junior doctor, Dr. muda. Some of my friends call him nick name “Bro Jack”. In his slideshow, it’s consist about a question of “Should I take Medical course??, WHY?? How should I prepare to become medical student? ”. I’m also know about Dr. JamilahMahmood, who is “pengasas MERCY”. Then, about what is a doctor?? Well. A doctor is a person who have skill or speacializing in healing art which is who have advanced degree licensed to practice.

He also show us a short slide show filmPatch Adams, The film tells the story of Hunter "Patch" Adams (Williams), a medical doctor who became famous for his unconventional approach to medicine. After attempting suicide, he checks himself into a mental institution, where he gradually bonds with his fellow patients. During this time he is inspired to become a medical doctor, and discovers that he is able to forget his own problems by helping others. Two years later, he enrolls at Virginia Medical University (a fictitious school shot at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus) and he is the oldest first year student. He questions the school's approach to medical care, and clashes with the school's Dean Walcott (Bob Gunton), who believes that doctors must distance themselves from patients. Because of this and other incidents, including a prank during a medical conference, he is expelled from the school, although he is later reinstated.
To me Patch Adams, is a doctor who break a rule to create a laughter for sick patient. From that film, I think that he is treat, patient,improve patient life to better life, although not all sickness can cure but least the patient get a support “sokongan moral” which is thing remaining when the rest is finished to continue their life.
I’m also know a little bit about Law of attraction. What can I write here is a little bit about it, the example is “ You are about to create what you set. Your intention to create ”, “ Build up image in your minds it will works as your plans ”, “ What the mind believe, the body can do it –Dr. Sheikh Muzaffar-. To me, it more than a quote and have it’s own meaning and value.

“Bro Jack Na’im sharing his life as medical student with us. He also tell us about the pathway to be a medical student after finish SPM examination. From that I know where and how should I go after SPM.

To be a medical student in USM there is 3 PHASE, PHASE I is Foundation. As medical student they will have class like Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry and also learn to improve their communication skill.

PHASE II is Pre Clinical, in this stage they will learn about disease occurs. Then  PHASE III is clinical. The PHASE III their life will full with scheldule morning round, stay at ward from a.m to p.m, case write-up, operation, community service and on call. They also will deal with a lots of situation of patient in humiliation, illness and “aurat”. In any condition,  there are no discrimination towards patients, all of them are same because we need to treat them nicely and give them medical treatment to cure their illness and disease.
To be a good doctor be a good student; to be a good student, I must be a good learner; to be a good learner I need to be a good listerner; to be a good listener I should have the heart of a doctor what we called “EMPATHY”.

The profession of doctor sounds like it is really tough, busy and hectic life but the first thing we need is our intention must be right and not thinking for ourselves benefits only.
Then the words "You treat a disease, you win, you loose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you'll win, no matter what the outcome."-Robin Williams appears and motivated me.
"You're focusing on the problem. If you focus on the problem, you can't see the solution. Never focus on the problem!"

We all know he also a medical student. He share with us his thought about become a medical student’s. He said, after finishing the study on medical, someone who wants to become a doctor need to do a practical for a few years. Then, the person will assume as houseman for a year or two years depend on their performance. The houseman will be a Medical Officer once he or she finishes the housemanship.If the Medical Officer furthers their studyn, they can be a Registrar and then Specialist in the field he or she like. It is not easy to become a Specialist, as the doctors need to have good reputation in their job. The doctors need to be fair to their patients and ready to give all of their energy, concentration and time on the patients.


People always see the 'popular' life of a doctor despite of it's complicated way of life. when you save a patient, then you're hero. if patient die, then you're murderer despite of thousands patient that you save.

This programme gives students some idea of what is the doctor’s job and shows them direction in making decision for their future career in MENTOR-MENTEE activity. Our facilitators in group 5 who is Zainal Hisham is a friendly medical student. He mostly started to give us an openview after we were sat in a good condition. Our group started with introduced ourself with “ice breaking” which is each of us tell our name, where we came from and share our ambition which is what we will be or what our strong desire to achieve something. I tell my group I want to be a Forensic, then our facilitators gave an overview to me what is a forensic all about from his view what he think when heard about forensic. From all the information, it’s make me eager to be a forensic and inspiring me more to achieve my dream, but now my goal is to get 9A’s with flying colours so I can be a medical student. Then he also gave us tips how to study smart, the important is not about the quantity but the quality of our how we study to get the knowledge

He also tell us how he’s life as medical student, before this, I thought a medical student’ is a nerd or a “skema” type of student because I heard from rumours that “a medical student is a bookworm type, a medical student is always go anywhere with book with them” so now after heard the truth from him, I know that it is not all about study, always with books?? or whatever it is, a medical student’s I more than that. The thing I can’t imagine before this, although they busy with study in HUSM as medical student’s they still involved with other activity, the examples is community service, they also involved with sports and what I understand is, they also have outside life and not just always with books although it’s look like really tough, busy, hectic life as a medical student. I don’t care about that, because once I make decision I will never turn back. I will still stand with my ambition to be a doctor which is as a forensic.

Abg Zainal share he’s life as medical student in HUSM.He said that, “tidak hairan jika anda mengalami kegagalan sepanjang bergelar Medical Student walaupun anda merupakan pelajar terbaik di sekolah sebelum ini”, He also said “jika anda mengalami kegagalan, anda harus bangkit dan berusaha untuk menghadapinya”. 
This programme opened my eye about doctor profession and encouraged us to study hard if we wanted to be a doctor. He gave us a motivation to concentrate on our academic.Then my friends starts asking him about medical, about how to study and excell a good result, and then our mentor introduce his friend whom we call  “Abg. Azmi” to us. So, we took this opportunity to ask both of them all about doctor’s job and it duty.

Learning method

When you have your own method that you're familiar with, then you make learning more enjoyable and understandable. you will never bother about other method even from a famous person. please don't be too rigid by making it compulsory for others to follow your method.
We have plans but often we forgot that Allah also did. sometimes HIS plan did not parallel with what we want. HE moves all his plans as according to what HE intends to do and HE definitely knows the best out of it. Therefore, be patience and accept HIS wills. Always think positive in whatever happen. Be faithful and thankful

After one hour the session of MENTOR-MENTEE activity, we was given  a breaks.
Then we takes a breaks for lunch before we continue to the next activities, because our lunch was served. We took our delicious lunch and then went to Surau to perform Zohor prayer.
On the afternoon, after all of the participants had taken their lunch at Dewan Kuliah 7 and prayed, we were ready to go for our next posting .

For the next posting, we was divided by two group. The  first group went to “Muzium Anatomi”, then the next group was brought to “Unit Forensik” which is “rumah mayat”. After that, group 1 and group 2  exchange the posting place.
My group was brought to Unit Forensic at for the first posting. Our heart feel like “lup-dub; lup-dub’ when we started thinking of the dead body or corpse which is would we faced when we stepped  inside the building. It was really fun and the trip to mortuary. After we knew there was no corpse, WE were relieved.

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