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08 Mei 2014

アイナ Dear Diary : I'm back!!

Hello. Assalamualaikum.
Updating some new entry after almost 2 months I'm not online here?
I'm here! Always here. :D
But.. i'm too busy! Hopefully you would understand.

1. Buat lesen kereta (LULUS) :D
2. Exam repeat paper STPM sem 3 
-BM (C) turns to A
-GEO (D+) turns to A

3. joining JK1M#2
-Jom Kurus 1 Malaysia yg kelvin zahari anjurkan. dibawah team leader Anis Diana.
I lost almost 6kg!
77.3 (start 1st week)
71.6 (last week of activity)

4. work (earns my own money)
double work a day
morning : kerja kat kilang kacang chamboh ^^ buat tofu
afternoon: part time (Qimi Nasi Kukus) /sometimes helping my mum sending thing to customers.

Oh yeah!
 Sorry for broken English. Still needs a lot time to improve my English language, that's the reason i'm using dwi-language here. hahaha.

5. "BUSY" playing games.
hahaha. Sentou Gakuen. I'm there.
it's a nice and good place to online. A lot of friendly friends. 

7. I got a good result in STPM !!!
3.33 turns to 3.58 after repeat paper include into my result ^^

8. Dapat Anugerah Q di sekolah!

9. Dapat duit sumbangan atas kecemerlangan STPM dari Datuk Fatmi di dewan SMK PUTERA.

10. saya akan dapat orang baru!!
Anak saudara baru.
Welcome to the family.

Actually, my life doesnt go smoothly.
but Alhamdulillah.. Tuhan lebih mengetahui apa yang aina lalui.
And it's turn to something awesome!
Right now i'm working hard to earns my ow money for further study.
Really EXAUSTED almost everyday, but that's my sacrifice to earns money.
And it's halal!

I'll updates more. but now.. needs to get ready to go work!!
assalamualaikum. :D

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