Nuffnang : My Dream To Buy House

26 Oktober 2014


Sungguh. Aku rindukan rumah.
Setiap orang di rumah itu aku rindu.
Can i go home?

Mum. I miss you. I love YOU.
can i hug you mum??

My life here. Still adapting myself here. Syukur. Diberikan kesihatan yg baik.

Aku gundah di sini. Memikirkan orang yg jauh di sana. I miss YOU.

There's someone makes me confused. Appear and the dissapear from my life. I assume you as a good friend.

New friend+old friend. Thanks for being in my life.

I miss everyone.
Including jun,gera-kun.

I miss my sister. My  one and the only one niece and nephew. I miss u all.

I like you but i cant express my feeling to you, so...lets be friend. Being your bestfriend was good enough. So i dont want to ruin our friendship.

I miss you all. Please wait for me.

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